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How Do I Tell Him I’m Pregnant

How Do I Tell Him I'm Pregnant

Announcing Your Pregnancy 

Are you pregnant and want to tell your partner in a creative or original way? Or maybe you just need a simple way on how to break the news that you are pregnant. We wanted to give you some original and fun ideas to make that moment unforgettable.

The moment of knowing that you are pregnant is magical, exciting, and breathtaking; one of those unforgettable moments in life that can hardly be defined in words, and now it’s time to tell him.

Maybe you’re wondering:

  • How will he react?
  • How will your relationship change from now on?
  • How will my own life change from here on?
  • How do I prepare to be a new mother?

These are all normal questions to be asking yourself right now.

How Do I Tell Him I'm Pregnant

Choosing the right words to tell him you’re pregnant is not easy, but deciding how to tell him can be as creative as possible and that means a lot of fun.

Many couples, especially those who are looking for a baby, live the moment of finding out about the pregnancy together, usually by taking the pregnancy test. However, many women prefer to spend this moment alone and communicate it, later, to their partners. It’s all really up to you. Ideally, you will have communicated about this previously, but if you haven’t yet, that’s just fine too. It can also happen that you find out the news in a routine visit to the gynecologist without any suspicion.

If this pregnancy has come as somewhat of a surprise to you, the following question arises: how do you tell your partner that you are pregnant? There are a thousand ways to do it, from the most typical and conventional to the craziest and fun.

Here are a few ways to tell him you’re pregnant:

7 Original Ways To Tell Him You’re Pregnant

Over a romantic dinner

You can prepare a romantic dinner for him and break the news when you get to dessert.

Sometimes just finding out that you are pregnant can leave you emotionally exhausted, so don’t push yourself too hard on breaking the news to him if you are too emotionally drained.

Keeping it more simple

Maybe you want to keep things more simple. In that case, you may just leave a message on the bathroom mirror. Or maybe record a funny video, or leave hidden clues around the house. And, finally, when you find out, record his reaction in your memory and celebrate the happy news. It is a moment that you will remember all your life.

Play hide and seek with the pregnancy test

Have you thought about telling your partner the news by hiding the positive pregnancy test? For example, you can try to hide it in a closet or place it in a drawer, so when he opens it, he will find it there and be so surprised. 

Record yourself a video

If you like new technologies, choose to record a video with your phone and give him the happy news. You have many options when it comes to showing it to him: you can send him the video via text or have him watch it at home.

Leave baby food in the fridge

Another way to break the news is to do the following: buy some baby food jars and put them in the fridge. So, ask your partner to fetch something from the fridge. Maybe he’ll get the point, but maybe he won’t. You’ll know if he doesn’t ‘get it’ if he’s asking you “And what’s all this baby food for?” You will have to prepare the answer!

Leave some baby booties near his shoes

Another idea is to buy some baby booties and place them inside your partner’s shoes. When he gets dressed for work, he will be in for a good surprise.

Telling him that you’re pregnant can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be. We hope you have fun with it!



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