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How Many C-Sections Can a Woman Have?

How many c- sections can a woman have

Multiple C-Sections: Is It Possible?

If you are unsure of what a c-section is – it is another form of delivery called cesarean delivery. In this procedure, a woman’s tummy and womb are cut open to remove the baby. It might look brutal but it makes it easier for women who can’t give birth naturally. For where the cut is made, it is below the bikini line. Another thing to keep in mind is that just like normal birth, you will be awake throughout the whole process even though the lower part of your body will be numbed so that you don’t feel any pain.

It sounds risky, and it can be, but some women opt-in for a c-section without any medical issues. Women who deliver their baby by c- section take a longer time to fully recover and could stay 3-4 days in the hospital after the birth of the baby. 

How many c- sections can a woman have


Post-procedure you may be in a lot of pain depending on the type of pain management you and your doctor discuss. There are medications to help but you will no longer be numbed like you were during the procedure. Just like any major cut, a c-section leaves a pretty big scar. But do not worry – you can embrace this as a beautiful sign of your motherhood!

After knowing that, you might ask, “How many c-sections can a woman have?” Like we noted above, it can be risky but any procedure comes with risks and c-sections are a very common alternative for delivering a baby. That being said, some women don’t have a choice because they medically can’t have a vaginal delivery which could be worrisome for women who plan to have multiple children. The answer to this is unique because every woman and every pregnancy is unique. It’s best to consult your doctor about all of your options so you can figure out the greatest way to move forward in your individual circumstance. 

Risks of C-Sections:

Now, let’s look at the risks you could face when having more than one cesarean delivery so you know what to look out for:

  • A blood transfusion may be necessary due to the amount of blood lost during the procedure. 
  • Hysterectomy (the surgical procedure to remove the uterus). After this is performed, you would no longer be able to get pregnant or have a baby again. 
  • Bladder complications
  • Bowel adhesions
  • Blood vessel complication
  • Excessive bleeding.

Yes, there are risks just like there are with any medical procedure. These risks may seem extreme to you, but don’t overcomplicate your mind before talking with your doctor. Your doctor could very well tell you that it’s safe for you to have multiple c-sections. It all just depends on the type of pregnancies you have and your body’s health. Doctors are present for a reason, and that’s to offer their expert opinions on decisions that are too difficult for people without a medical background to assess properly. No expectant mother or mother considering having another baby should have to do this alone! 


Bringing a child on this earth is a blessing but it is a long process and the delivery isn’t always easy. The amount of c-sections a woman can have is dependent on a variety of circumstances, so it’s best to ask your doctor or medical provider for advice on this to make sure your individual needs are met. 




Can You Get a Tattoo While Breastfeeding

can you get a tattoo while breastfeeding

Can a breastfeeding mother get a tattoo?

While there are many set concepts about do’s and don’ts regarding what breastfeeding mothers should and shouldn’t do, there is no standard rule set for women against getting tattoos while breastfeeding. Even when it comes to the tattoo being in the location of the breast because it won’t go to where the milk is.

Despite any tattoo ink not going in contact with your milk, you still may need to know the precautions in case you are fully decided on getting a tattoo while breastfeeding.

can you get a tattoo while breastfeeding

Precautions to consider:

Go to a licensed professional.

First and foremost, only get your tattoo from a licensed and experienced tattoo artist because they are keener on maintaining hygiene and their tools can be trusted.

The tattoo takes time to heal.

Where is the tattoo going to be? If you want it on your breast, then keep in mind that it takes a few days for tattoos to heal. You’ll need to be careful when your baby is breastfeeding because he/she could rub against or grab where the tattoo was placed and that could possibly affect the healing process. 

Ask your doctor.

Talk to your doctor about it. This should be the first step, as with any question regarding your baby or your health concerns. Your doctor will know what’s best for your body and your baby. Hopefully, they walk you through all the pros and cons of getting the tattoo and whether or not it can cause problems. Something to think about is if you have any medical issues such as heart problems or blood clotting.

Manage any pain.

If you go through with it and are in pain, acetaminophen is safe to use for a woman who is breastfeeding.

Keep the tattoo clean.

Another thing to keep in mind is how often you need to clean your new tattoo. Remember, tattoos break the skin and are considered a wound before they turn into a work of art, so they need to be kept clean at all times. Make sure to wash it with soap and water to avoid any type of infection.

Possible risks of getting a tattoo while breastfeeding

Now that we reviewed the precautions, let’s look at the possible risks that you could encounter after getting a tattoo as a breastfeeding mother.

Allergic reaction

Sometimes you have to try something to know it’s not right for you, so be aware that being allergic to the ink is a possibility. 

Skin infection

Having a wound is uncomfortable and it can get infected if it’s not cleaned properly. 

Blood infection

This mostly happens if people go to a tattoo shop that uses unsterilized equipment that can lead to an infection such as tetanus. 


After reading this article, you have some information to help you make the decision of whether or not to get a tattoo as a breastfeeding mother. Breastfeeding doesn’t last forever, so there’s always the option of waiting until your baby transitions to solids to make the move and get the tattoo you’ve been wanting! 


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Do Babies Cough When Teething

Do Babies Cough When Teething

Teething Cough

When babies are between 4 and 7 months old, teething is a common practice. They will most likely have 20 full-set baby teeth by the time they turn 3 years old.

When in the teething phase, babies tend to drool a lot more than usual. Too much drool can drip down your baby’s throat during tummy time and cause your baby to cough. If your baby develops a cough, it could be for an assortment of reasons such as allergies, sinusitis, or asthma. In some cases, it could also be due to a bacterial infection.

First, let’s take a look at some of the symptoms you’ll see from your baby while he/she is teething: 

  • Excess drool
  • Fussiness
  • Chewing or biting foods
  • Rubbing their gums
  • Turning down nursing or food
  • Swollen, red, and sore gums

It’s important for you to listen to your baby’s cough so you have any idea of whether or not it’s coming from excess drool, or it’s coming from a more serious internal issue. Some distinctive cough sounds include barking, wheezing or whooping. 

Do Babies Cough When Teething

Croup cough

A croup cough occurs when your baby is sleeping. Croup is often caused by a viral infection and will clear up within a few days. 

If your baby is experiencing difficulty breathing, or if he or she seems sick or irritable, you should consult your pediatrician.

Whooping cough

Pertussis (whooping) is a severe cough that produces a “whoop” sound, which occurs in between the coughing fits. This is often accompanied by difficulty breathing. Although it may start with fever, cold symptoms can often be a precursor.

Whooping cough is a serious condition that can lead to death in infants and young kids. You should immediately seek emergency medical attention if your baby has whooping cough.

A baby suffering from whooping cough will often be admitted to a hospital so that oxygen can be provided during the coughing fits. Sometimes, an antibiotic like erythromycin may be prescribed.

Prevention is the best option for whooping cough. DTaP is the childhood vaccine against whooping cough. Adults and older children get the Tdap booster vaccination.

Coughing and wheezing

Wheezing could be a sign of bronchiolitis or asthma.

Sometimes, bronchiolitis can start with what looks like a simple cold such as a runny nose or cough. It is usually accompanied by a slight fever and a loss of appetite. It is most common in winter and fall.

Children under 2 years of age are not at risk for asthma. If there are allergies or a history of asthma in the family, and if the baby has eczema, then he/she is more likely to develop asthma.

When should you call your pediatrician?

A doctor should examine your baby if he or she has a cough.

While not all coughs in babies older than 4 months are warranted by a doctor, watch out for symptoms like: 

  • Fever in a baby less than 2 months old
  • Fever lasting more than three days in any child of any age
  • Labored breathing (fast, wheezing, and shortness of breath)
  • Blue lips
  • Avoidance of drinking and eating (dehydration)
  • Excessive sleepiness or crankiness

However, you should immediately seek emergency medical attention if your baby has whooping cough.

The Takeaway

While occasional coughing may be caused by the drool of teething, it is more likely that your baby has another reason for their cough.

It is possible to identify the cause of the cough by noticing a distinct sound in your coughs, such as wheezing, whooping, or barking. It could also indicate that you need to seek immediate medical attention.

Your baby should be examined by a pediatrician if they have a cough or are under 4 months of age.


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How To Get Baby To Sleep In Crib

How to get baby to sleep in crib

How can I get my baby to sleep in their crib?

Is your baby more comfortable sleeping in your arms or in a car seat than in a crib? Parents spend a lot of time selecting the right crib for their baby because they only want the best for their little one. On top of that, sleep is much needed for any baby’s growth and development.

However, some newborns don’t take interest in their crib right off the bat and tend to scream or whine when they’re put down. Let’s look at some tips to help you get your baby in their new crib without too much hassle. 

How to get baby to sleep in crib

Safety tips and advice for cribs

A crib is the best place for your baby to sleep but a portable crib or baby bassinet works as well. Be sure to place a firm mattress inside the crib, and then cover it with a snugly fit bottom sheet. The mattress shouldn’t be able to move once it’s correctly placed. 

Don’t bother putting anything in the crib when your baby is still a newborn. It’s safest when there are no blankets, pillows, or stuffed animals due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), or even suffocation.

Your baby’s crib should be kept in your bedroom until at least six months of age. Sharing a room can reduce the chance of SIDS by half and make it easier to care for your child at night. During her first year, your baby must be able to sleep on its back in its crib. SIDS is less likely to occur when your baby is capable of doing so. 

Your baby might roll on its stomach or side at night. If that happens, you can gently turn your baby onto its back if you notice this. If your child is able to roll both backward and forwards, you can put it on its back.

How to get baby to sleep in the crib

As we age, our preferences become stronger and more difficult to change. You should start to teach your baby how to take naps in the crib as soon as 4-8 weeks old.

Make a bedtime routine for your newborns:

Your baby will sleep better in its crib if you establish and stick to a consistent bedtime routine for newborns. Your baby will soon become used to the time between wake-up and bedtime and will be able to anticipate sleeping.

You can include a warm bath, a soothing massage, singing to your baby, or dimming the lights. A good routine for newborns includes a consistent bedtime. 

Sometimes, your baby’s schedule might be disrupted by an unexpected event such as an overnight trip or outing. If this happens, you should stick to your baby’s usual bedtime and resume the normal routine as soon as possible.

When your baby gets drowsy, put the baby down immediately:

It’s tempting to let your baby fall asleep on your chest or in your arms, but you should refrain from that and try putting your baby down in his/her crib as soon as possible. You can try rocking and singing to your baby before setting him/her down, but don’t be worried if they’re not quite asleep yet. Dozing off alone in their crib is great practice.  

Wait before you check-in:

Although no parent wants their child to scream, five minutes of crying could turn into an hour of sleep in their crib. You can stand beside your child and offer him/her verbal comfort.

You can gently lift your infant if he/she is less than 4 months old and then calm him/her down before you put him/her back to sleep. Babies older than 4 months are less helpful as they will scream when they are put down for much longer. 

Infants can be restless sleepers causing long cries if they’re unhappy in their crib. Wait a while before you go to your baby, as he/she might fall asleep again on her own.

Try to make the process of putting your baby down as easy as possible:

Babies under 4 months old and babies who aren’t sleeping well at night should be swaddled. This will reduce the startle reflex. Children often startle when we place them in their cribs. To help, swaddle their bodies in a lightweight, breathable swaddle blanket. 

Final Words

We hope that you now have a better understanding of how to get your baby to sleep in his/her crib. It may take some time to get your infant to sleep in a crib but he/she will eventually become accustomed to it. Try out their comfortability with the crib in your room versus their bedroom. Also, don’t forget how important it is to establish a routine for bedtime. 

Restful sleep should always be the priority. You should always place your baby on its back in the crib and keep the crib free of cushions and blankets (unless you swaddled). 


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Can You Take TUMS While Pregnant?

Many women want to know, “Can you take Tums while pregnant?”

In general, it is safe for pregnant women to take antacids like TUMS to treat acid reflux, commonly known as heartburn, according to WebMD. However, more effective treatments, including liquid antacids and lifestyle changes may reduce symptoms.

WebMD urges pregnant women to check with their doctor before taking antacids. People who suffer from heartburn should also eat less spicy food and avoid reclining immediately after eating.

Can You Take Tums While Pregnant?

The manufacturer of TUMS advises pregnant women not to take the product and iron supplements simultaneously during the day. The company also urges pregnant women to work with their doctors to find the most effective way to treat heartburn and to consider lifestyle changes as a first step before opting for medication.

About Tums and Pregnancy

TUMS is a chewable tablet whose active ingredient is calcium carbonate, approved for the symptomatic relief of conditions related to heartburn. The TUMS brand specifically is promoted as tablets that “are available in more concentrations and varieties of flavors than any other brand.”

Its formula helps alleviate hyperacidity, dyspepsia, gastralgia, heartburn, indigestion, peptic esophagitis, and gastritis. It is also an auxiliary calcium supplement to help build strong bones and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Its low sodium content means that those on low salt diets can use TUMS.

Contraindications and precautions

During its administration, or after it, it may present hypersensitivity to any of the formula’s components, hypercalcemia, and severe hypercalciuria. In case of abdominal pain or persisting discomfort, consult your doctor.

This medicine should be administered with caution in patients with kidney or heart disease. It also contains artificial colors that can cause allergic reactions.

Side effects

Although the adverse effects of this medicine are rare, it can cause reactions such as:

  • Stomach ache
  • Vomiting
  • Flatulence
  • Constipation
  • Dryness in the mouth
  • Increased need to urinate
  • Loss of appetite
  • Metallic taste

Use for Pregnant Women:

The most prescribed dosage of calcium carbonate chewable tablets such as TUMS is 1 to 2 tablets per day.

Where to buy TUMS and its cost:

Many pharmacies and supermarkets have TUMS, but you may resort to finding Tums online if you want to find the place with the lowest price.

Final thoughts on whether or not pregnant women can take TUMS 

Yes, it is generally considered safe for pregnant women to take antacids like TUMS to treat acid reflux according to the medical community. However, most healthcare providers will recommend lifestyle changes (i.e., not consuming foods or beverages that cause heartburn) that may reduce symptoms without the need for taking tums.




When To Go To The Hospital For Labor

When To Go To The Hospital For Labor

Going Into Labor Signs 

Many pregnant women wonder when they should go to the hospital for labor. There are various signs to be aware of that will make you alert about the imminent delivery of your precious child. If you are ever in doubt as to when to go to the hospital for labor, call your doctor or healthcare provider for assistance. 

According to WebMD, “When the cervix begins to open wider, the mucus is discharged into the vagina. It may be clear, pink, or slightly bloody. This is also known as “show” or “bloody show.” Labor may begin soon after the mucus plug is discharged or one to two weeks later.”

So one of the signs you should be aware of is related to the expulsion of the mucous plug (related to having your ‘water break’) and contractions.

When To Go To The Hospital For Labor

Anticipating the timing of the delivery of your baby, and knowing when to go to the hospital for labor is one of the moments that can be more concerning to women. That is why the soon-to-be mother will be aware of all the variations that may occur in her body. In addition, it will also be normal for the mother to be very alert and wonder when it will be time to go to the hospital once the big moment has arrived.

Thus, some women will be afraid to go too early or, on the contrary, to go too late, and that could negatively affect the health of the baby. In the event that you go to the hospital early, it is most likely that they will send you home again. By simply being aware, you are going to be more prepared and more educated on the subject to make a better decision of when you should go to the hospital for labor

The Symptoms That Will Warn You That You Are In Labor 

In the days before labor begins, you may notice some symptoms that indicate that childbirth is near. For example, the tummy will be lower than normal because the little one will have already settled in. You will have felt more regular contractions, and the mucous plug may have already been lost. This will be an indication that the cervix has started to dilate.

You Will Have To Go To The Hospital When You Are In The Active Phase

But then what will be the best time to go to the hospital? Ideally, it will be when you are already in the active phase. Thus, hospitals will admit the pregnant woman when they have regular uterine dynamics, when the cervix has been effaced by more than 50 percent and when there is a dilation of about three or four centimeters.

When The Contractions Are Rhythmic And Regular

The time it takes a woman to reach that moment is different for each pregnant woman. This will depend on each woman and her personal circumstances. Therefore, it is best to go when the contractions are rhythmic and regular. It will be important to use a contraction counter to keep track of it.

These contractions will be accompanied by other symptoms such as the mucus plug’s expulsion, the amniotic fluid’s rupture, and the dilation of the cervix. In addition, that bag rupture will mean that the delivery will occur in the next few hours. If the contractions have not started, they should start soon.

In the same way, it will be vitally important to observe the water color of the bag. If it is transparent, whitish, or pink, it will indicate that everything is going well and that you have enough time to go to the hospital with peace of mind. But, on the other hand, if it has a more yellowish, greenish or blackish color, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible.

As always, if you have any questions as to when you should go to the hospital for labor, you should always consult with your healthcare provider. 


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Parenting Tips For Healthy, Effective Parenting

Lots of moms and dads are starving for healthy and balanced parenting suggestions and efficient parenting guidance. The Accountable Children Network provides parenting suggestions to motivate and assistance reliable parenting.

I didn’t anticipate parenting to be so difficult

New moms and dads might be not really prepared for the exciting, yet tiring, trip that exists in advance in parenting. It is essential for all moms and dads to recognize that even if an individual has the ability to procreate, does not normally offer the persistence and understanding had to be an efficient and healthy and balanced moms and dad. Acquiring understanding regarding the nature of kids and healthy and balanced and efficient parenting designs, will assistance moms and dads to be calmer and equip moms and dads to be more efficient in increasing accountable children.

I’m wishing to moms and dad in a different way compared to I was parented

Often times a moms and dad might know times that really did not go so efficiently in his/her very own youth and want to moms and dad in a different way when she or he has kids. Whatsoever ages and phases of our children’s lives, we might keep in mind back to how our moms and dads might have responded in comparable circumstances. Previous generations didn’t have the info that we currently have offered regarding healthy and balanced parenting. However household commitments and legacies in each of our households has revealed to considerably effect our parenting.

I’m good to my kid however after that he misbehaves

Moms and dads and various other caretakers in some cases wish that if they act well to a kid, the kid will act well in return. Grownups (and some older kids) can associate with the idea of reasonable providing and getting, however many kids are not fully grown sufficient to react by doing this. By anticipating this degree of maturation, a moms and dad has been unjust to a kid. The exec function of parenting can’t be done with like and comprehending alone. Efficient self-control advertises self-confidence, self-respect, self-discipline and protects a favorable parent-child connection.

Am I a poor moms and dad when I snap with my kid?

Rage is an all-natural and unavoidable feeling and it is alright to really feel upset with a kid. The essential is for moms and dads to discover healthy and balanced methods to reveal upset sensations to a kid. Rage is typically an additional feeling, so determining what the hidden sensations might be (aggravation, frustration, humiliation, and so on.) can be useful in handling ways to reveal rage. At these mentally billed times, moms and dads are role-modeling for a kid ways to deal with rage.

My kid and I are so various and we’re constantly clashing

The cosmetics of that a kid is is composed old and phases of advancement, originality, maturation degree, and situational elements. The originality of a kid (or any type of person)includes the private nature of character, intelligences, mind supremacy, giftedness, and discovering designs. If these distinct characteristics of a kid don’t “suit” the distinct characteristics of a moms and dad, after that there might not be “benefits to in shape” and power struggles and miscommunication might outcome. When a moms and dad has the ability to much far better know these distinct characteristics in a kid, and how it might vary (i.e. dispute) with his/her very own distinct characteristics, the moms and dad ends up being calmer and more positive in parenting.

Why Parents Should Put Children Before Marriage

We reside in an age when like, sex and affection appear to be lots of people’s embodiment of joy. Indeed, we look for various other methods to discover joy and satisfaction, however the price of separation and the portion of solitary moms and dad households compared to two-parent households informs me that parenting is either of much less significance to moms and dads compared to marital relationship or that they are uninformed regarding the impacts of separation on their kids. Moms and dads that leave a dissatisfied marital relationship for their kids are not in belongings of all the truths or are misdirected in their idea that separation remains in the very best rate of passion of the kids. The very best knowledge available mentions that kids of separation experience greater than kids of dissatisfied marital relationships.

Right below are 7 reasons moms and dads ought to place parenting previously marital relationship.

Kids require 2 moms and dads greater than they require an ideal house

The affect of both a man and women moms and dad on a child’s advancement can’t be downplayed. A great mom, on stabilize brings a supporting, safeguarding and comforting element to a child’s life, while a great dad brings his kid security, safety and safety and stamina. Moms have the tendency to be more psychological, dads more logical. Moms have the tendency to be more comprehending, dads more definitive. A great mom might provide her kid a shoulder to weep on while a great dad might reveal his kid how to obtain up and proceed.

Obviously, a great moms and dad has all these high top qualities and shares the obligation for offering their kid with all their requirements. However it remains in the nature of a man moms and dad to offer a kid with responses and services and instructions while it’s more fundamental in a women moms and dad to be safety of a child’s psychological wellness and to be a great audience without sensation the have to provide her kid a rational service to their issue.

Having actually both a man and women moms and dad provide in the house instructs a kid ways to check out and establish both the manly and womanly elements of their very own personality. In stabilized grownups there’s a healthy and balanced existence of both man and women qualities. In ladies, the stabilize will have the tendency to be more womanly and in guys, more manly. If a kid is to have the very best possibility to create psychological security after that 2 moms and dads are required every day. Also the smallest alter in the stabilize will have an unfavorable impact on a child’s psychological and intellectual advancement.

A kid has a best to be raised by 2 moms and dads

Marital relationship is an option that 2 people produce themselves. It’s seldom a selfless or altruistic act. People wed since they discover somebody that brings them joy and fulfilment in life. Obviously, there’s likewise the guarantee to online to create the various other individual pleased. Although the expression “for much far better or for even worse” is still frequently stated in the marital relationship promises, increasingly more this guarantee has been damaged as couples discover it is a guarantee they are not able or reluctant to always keep.

Nevertheless, when a kid is birthed into the marital relationship, it has legal civil liberties which much exceed the requirements of the moms and dads. Although a pair prefer to be satisfied in their individual connection with each various other, a kid can be raised by 2 caring, caring, selfless moms and dads: moms and dads that place their child’s rate of passions previously their very own.

Moms and dads seldom make a dedication to their kids when they are birthed, however kids should anticipate that their moms and dads will do whatever it requires to provide a steady, caring house where to expand and establish. In a great moms and dad, the legal civil liberties and requirements of their kid will constantly come previously their very own, whatever the set you back to themselves.

How Do I Tell Him I’m Pregnant

How Do I Tell Him I'm Pregnant

Announcing Your Pregnancy 

Are you pregnant and want to tell your partner in a creative or original way? Or maybe you just need a simple way on how to break the news that you are pregnant. We wanted to give you some original and fun ideas to make that moment unforgettable.

The moment of knowing that you are pregnant is magical, exciting, and breathtaking; one of those unforgettable moments in life that can hardly be defined in words, and now it’s time to tell him.

Maybe you’re wondering:

  • How will he react?
  • How will your relationship change from now on?
  • How will my own life change from here on?
  • How do I prepare to be a new mother?

These are all normal questions to be asking yourself right now.

How Do I Tell Him I'm Pregnant

Choosing the right words to tell him you’re pregnant is not easy, but deciding how to tell him can be as creative as possible and that means a lot of fun.

Many couples, especially those who are looking for a baby, live the moment of finding out about the pregnancy together, usually by taking the pregnancy test. However, many women prefer to spend this moment alone and communicate it, later, to their partners. It’s all really up to you. Ideally, you will have communicated about this previously, but if you haven’t yet, that’s just fine too. It can also happen that you find out the news in a routine visit to the gynecologist without any suspicion.

If this pregnancy has come as somewhat of a surprise to you, the following question arises: how do you tell your partner that you are pregnant? There are a thousand ways to do it, from the most typical and conventional to the craziest and fun.

Here are a few ways to tell him you’re pregnant:

7 Original Ways To Tell Him You’re Pregnant

Over a romantic dinner

You can prepare a romantic dinner for him and break the news when you get to dessert.

Sometimes just finding out that you are pregnant can leave you emotionally exhausted, so don’t push yourself too hard on breaking the news to him if you are too emotionally drained.

Keeping it more simple

Maybe you want to keep things more simple. In that case, you may just leave a message on the bathroom mirror. Or maybe record a funny video, or leave hidden clues around the house. And, finally, when you find out, record his reaction in your memory and celebrate the happy news. It is a moment that you will remember all your life.

Play hide and seek with the pregnancy test

Have you thought about telling your partner the news by hiding the positive pregnancy test? For example, you can try to hide it in a closet or place it in a drawer, so when he opens it, he will find it there and be so surprised. 

Record yourself a video

If you like new technologies, choose to record a video with your phone and give him the happy news. You have many options when it comes to showing it to him: you can send him the video via text or have him watch it at home.

Leave baby food in the fridge

Another way to break the news is to do the following: buy some baby food jars and put them in the fridge. So, ask your partner to fetch something from the fridge. Maybe he’ll get the point, but maybe he won’t. You’ll know if he doesn’t ‘get it’ if he’s asking you “And what’s all this baby food for?” You will have to prepare the answer!

Leave some baby booties near his shoes

Another idea is to buy some baby booties and place them inside your partner’s shoes. When he gets dressed for work, he will be in for a good surprise.

Telling him that you’re pregnant can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be. We hope you have fun with it!



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